Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Sewing Project Completed

I'm on a sewing kick.  First Sweetie Pie and I sewed her 100th day project for school, then I sewed the girls matching princess skirts, and now I've completed their Easter/Spring dresses.

I mentioned in this post HERE about the fabric Sweetie Pie picked out.

After browsing through Pinterest, I found some dresses I thought I could make.  I decided to make two different styles. 

The Babes dress was going to be similar to this one found HERE, but without the embellishments.

And Sweetie Pie's dress would look something like THIS.

I didn't use a pattern, just decided to go for it.  I measured the Babes chest and length I wanted the dress to be then added 2 inches to those measurements so I'd have room for seam allowances.  I folded the fabric in half, right sides together and drew what shape I wanted the dress to be.  Then cut that out.

I had some off white fabric that I used as a backing for the top.  I just pinned that on, right sides together,

 sewed it,

then cut away the excess.  Once I turned it right side out, it looked like this.

I had two of these pieces, a front and a back.

 I just pinned them with right sides together and sewed.

I even got fancy and did a double hem stitch on the bottom.

Here is the final product, well almost.  I just needed to attach the straps together.  For that I made button holes, just followed the instructions that came with my sewing machine.  It was my first time making button holes and it turned out OK.  I put the button holes on the front straps sewed some buttons onto the back straps. 

Here is the Babes modeling it.  I think it turned out great and I'm pleased with it.  The only thing I'd do differently is make it wider, don't know if my measuring was off or what but it is a bit snug in the chest/belly area.

front view

back view

Now for Sweetie Pie's dress.

I didn't take pictures of the process since I just followed the steps outlined HERE
I made the chest piece 5 inches instead of 2.5 and I didn't put buttons all the way down the back.  I sewed the dress part together on the side, and just have one button on the back of the chest piece.  Unlike the Babe's dress, Sweetie Pie has lots of growing room.  As she grows the dress can become a jumper/tunic with leggings under it, or a baby doll style shirt worn with pants. 

Here are some close up.  For some reason I forgot to take a picture of the back.  But if you go to the tutorial linked above, you can see what it looks like.

Like I said before, I am not an expert sewer.  I'm a beginner at best and I didn't think this was too hard or complicated.  If I ever make this pattern again, I'll make it easier on myself and choose a print that doesn't have to go in a certain direction.   The dresses aren't perfect but I am pleased with them and the girls will look so cute come spring time.
Of course, I didn't want to leave the Spencinator out, so I made him a bow tie.  It's not a real bow tie, it's just for show.  But since he won't wear it to church anyway, I'll just clip it on with a safety pin for pictures and no one will be the wiser.

I didn't follow a pattern for this either.  Basically I made two rectangles, a fat one and a skinny one.  The skinny rectangle I sewed the ends together to make a ring.  The fat rectangle I folded up like an accordion and slid it into the ring, then fluffed out the ends. 

Anyone else on a sewing kick?