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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat 2013

Last week our church held their annual Trunk or Treat Activity.   I've already shared the "Pet Shop" themed trunk we decorated HERE, and the "I've Got my Eye on You" themed trunk that won first place HERE.   I'm back with more pictures of the trunks, games and costumes.

This trunk was decked out in a cute pumpkin theme.

These guys had a Duck Dynasty theme going on.

  And this car was transformed into Cookie Monster.

We had several games as well.  There was a kick the ball into the soccer net game, and a ring toss game. 

 The big hit was the eat the donut off the string game. 

The kids weren't the only ones dressed in costumes.  A few adults got into the Halloween spirit too.
Here we have professor Snape (from Harry Potter), and a large animal vet.  That's his real profession, however, that is not the real thing on his glove, it's just chocolate.

And here's a pretty cool DIY costume - Jack Frost from the movie  "Rise of the Guardians".  My friend (who had help from some family members) did an awesome job making this costume.  From the painted shirt to the white hair to the staff - this kid really looked like Jack Frost.  And it's not the first time she made her son's costume.  I mean when your child wants to be a movie character and the stores don't sell that costume, you just have to make one yourself.  Two years ago he was Hiccup from "How to Train your Dragon".  She did a great job putting together that costume as well.  

What fun Halloween activities have you guys been doing?  Halloween had turned into a week long celebration around here and we still have Trick or Treat night on Thursday.  

To see what we did last year check out THIS post.  For more trunk or treat ideas, click HERE.

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