Monday, February 6, 2017

Valentine's Day Garland

I had to buy some pom poms for my daughter's science project.  She was making a model of the chemical element Fluorine.  She needed pom poms to represent the electrons.  We bought a bag of various brightly colored pom poms at the craft store.  She used purple for her electrons and I figured I could use the leftovers for holiday decorations.  I took out all the red and pink ones, arranged them in a pattern and threaded them together.  With the other colors, I figure I can make a St. Patrick's day garland, an Easter garland and a Spring garland.  Since they are just strung together using needle and  thread, I can easily undo them to create whatever pattern I want.  

I just hung them up on my mantel to decorate for Valentine's Day.  Now I need to get working on those 'LOVE' blocks I mentioned in my last post so my Valentine's Day decor doesn't look so sparse.

How do you decorate your mantel for Valentine's Day?  

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